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Instantly Create New Google Doc, Slide, Sheet and More by Using ‘.new’ Domain Shortcuts

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In this article I’ll discuss how you can create new Google doc with a very seamless shortcut. For some of you, this may be old news, but nevertheless it is a great reminder that may improve your overall productivity in terms of accessing selected Google services. In late October 2018, Google has launched a series of ‘.new’ domain names that instantly redirect users to respective Google services, such as Google Documents, Google Slides, Google Sheets, Google Forms, and more.  

Such a clever shortcut enables users to quickly launch a new/blank Google Document with a few keystrokes. For example, in the past, unless you had a predefined Google Documents bookmark somewhere in your browser window, you had to go through the following steps in order to launch a new document. 

      1. Access Google Drive 
      2. Click on the ‘New’ tab 
      3. Hover over the ‘Google Documents’ icon 
      4. Click on ‘Blank document’

As you can see, on many occasions one had to perform multiple steps in order to open a new Google Document. Luckily, Google has made these operations more streamlined. From now on, by typing,, into a browser URL bar, a blank Google Document populates. The same idea applies in case you would like to open other Google services. In the list below, I have compiled the most common .new domain name shortcuts that redirect to respective Google services.

Google Docs:, 

Google Sheets:, 

Google Forms:, 

Google Sides:, 

Google Keep: 

Google Calendar:, 

Just keep in mind, in order to create a new Google Doc or any of their other respective services, you should be signed-in into your Google account.